Animated Videos

Here is a series of six short films which look beyond hierarchy at two approaches to self-organisation; the first is a 2-minute introduction.

Traditionally, many of us are used to having someone at the top, but times are changing and we are seeing a paradigm shift in how people organise. There are now needs and desires to work in different ways together, and people are starting to self-organise beyond hierarchy; but many of us don’t know how to do this.

Some people are working with a more collaborative approach, set of values and flatter structures, while others have a more dynamic, agile and evolutionary approach, while others just create a fuzzy mess!

This series introduces how these three approaches (hierarchy, collaborative and agile) look in six areas of organisational life.

Conscious Collaboration workshops focus on how to self-organise with a collaborative approach, set of values and flat structures in a way which supports people to make conscious choices about how to set things up and run things.

These include both theory and practice and build upon one another, offering first and introduction to the territories, then the tools needed to navigate them and finally an immersive experience whereby the skills required to use the tools can be honed.